About Hammett Shirts


Hammett Shirts is an online UK brand specialising in handcrafting superb quality, luxury contemporary casual shirts for men of all sizes – with a focus on the stylish, larger man.

Inspired by Peter Hammett  gentleman, raconteur and bon viveur – we handcraft shirts that fit, feel and look great.

Peter, a master shirt maker and entrepreneur in the day, was passionate about quality and the pursuit of the finest shirt factories around the world.

A pioneer in international sourcing and one of a select few 50 years ago who forged the very character and nature of the clothing industry as we know it today.


During our years of shirt making for well-known designer brands, we at Hammett Shirts recognised that the persisting fashion for slim and skinny fit shirts was excluding many style conscious, confident men from great quality distinctive shirts.

We also noticed the limited choice for larger sizes and fits was mostly from low-quality retailers leaving the discerning man with even fewer options.


floral shirt pink checked collar


As a plus-size specialist, a Hammett Shirt is for men who take pride in their appearance but who need some room for comfort.

We create shirts that inspire confidence for all the best occasions in life - whether they’re bold and flamboyant prints for the fun times or more discreet, sophisticated shirts for smarter days.

And, we only design shirts in a limited run - in a maximum of 50 shirts per colour of a design - to ensure they are unique and exclusive.


So, all our shirts are made from the finest fabrics from the very best mills across Europe which specialise in quality and innovation.

Our fabrics are selected for their luxury or casual handle and are densely woven from modern compact yarns which provide vibrant colour and long lasting, hard wearing quality.

Styling is carefully considered and always subtle, so our exquisite fabrics can do the talking. Our styles and prints are heavily inspired by Peter’s global travels and wanderlust.


To add to the uniqueness of our shirts we design each shirt with extra details.

  • With our plain fabrics we bring them to life with painstakingly matched contrasts to give a hint of style that will always be noticed.
  • Each shirt bears a discretely placed embroidery of our logo for authentication.
  • The buttons are of a high quality, so they don’t break and are specially selected to complement the fabrics. They are attached by cross locked stitching, so they don’t fall off and distinguish a well-made shirt from the rest.
  • The shirts are sewn with a high count of stitching for a neat and smooth appearance
  • To add to the uniqueness of our shirts we design each shirt with extra details.




The majority of our shirt making takes place in a small factory in Istanbul - the city where East meets West and one with a growing status as a global fashion capital.

In recent years, Turkey has become a manufacturing powerhouse for the global fashion industry thanks to its fusion of fair pricing and quality production. It’s where Zehra, a wonderful businesswoman and personal friend to Peter Hammett, believes in two key values: quality and craftsmanship.

She established her factory with a desire to handcraft top quality products in an inspiring environment with local people Zehra has known for years whose quality she can trust.

Zehra’s team’s master cutters and machinists carefully produce our shirts with every attention to detail.

Throughout the manufacturing process we conduct our own quality inspections and then when the shirts are finished, they are re-checked before despatch to ensure they meet the standard we’ve set for our shirts and so that each shirt arrives in pristine condition.

We also look after those who create and make our products. Our workers are paid a fair wage and work in proper, safe conditions, so that when you buy a Hammett Shirt you have also made an ethical choice.