What makes a quality shirt?

Quality shirt 

At Hammett Shirts, we're dedicated to crafting the very best quality shirts.

We don't believe in throwaway fashion where shirts are produced cheaply and quickly in response to fast fashion trends.

Nor shirts made from shoddy materials and rudimentary manufacturing processes that lack style and finesse.

A quality shirt - like a Hammett Shirt - takes into account the material, style and fit.

Highly skilled master cutters will craft shirts with superior quality, elegance and comfort.

So what makes a Hammett Shirt high quality?

The stitching

We always pay attention to detail when we create our shirts.

Our master cutters and machinists ensure our shirts are sewn with a high count of stitching for a tidy and smooth appearance.

Shirt seams are twin needled for strength and durability and the sleeves are flourished with perfect lap seams (where the edges overlap).


ButtonOur buttons

How annoying is it when a button falls off a brand new shirt, or it arrives with the only the loosest of stitches?

Hammett Shirts have buttons attached by cross locked stitching and are made from quality material so won't snap or fall off.

Buttons are also specially selected to complement the fabrics and look stylish too.

The collar

Paisley print trim collarOur collars are designed and built from multiple parts so that it sits nicely and smartly.

Each collar is fused with a soft, light interfacing to give a relaxed feel but also come with removable collar bones - also known as stiffeners - if you're wanting a more crisper and refined appearance.

Look out for our distinctive contrasting collars (and cuffs) - whether it's an eye-catching Liberty print trim, or our stylish and subtle contrast paisley trim.

The fabrics

Whatever the style of shirt you choose, it will always be made from the finest fabrics from the very best mills.

We choose the best quality yarns that are stable, easy to care for, have minimum shrinkage and are easy to iron.

Fabrics are densely woven from modern compact yarns which provide stunning colour and durable quality.

They are all limited edition to ensure the Hammett Shirt you choose will feel unique and very exclusive. 

The Hammett logo

A Hammett shirt will feature an embroidery of our logo - subtly placed - for authentication.

Our quality check

Throughout the manufacturing process we conduct our own quality inspections.

Before we send our shirts out to customers we check them once again to ensure it is dispatched in top notch condition.