6 Summer Floral Print Shirts for Men and How to Wear Them

It’s official. Floral prints really can be for everyone, especially when the summer is so hot and sizzling right now. The variety, vibrancy and intricacy of flowers, leaves, fruits and plants make for an eye-catching, versatile theme for shirts, whether they are smart or casual; fitted or loose.

Flowers galore…

Floral print shirts for men go with most other clothing items too. Add a floral shirt to jeans and trainers for a cool night out with friends. Pop a floral dress shirt under a jacket with a tie for a quirky twist on office wear. Or impress a date with a sophisticated floral design, teamed with designer trousers and some expensive accessories. If this feels like a step too far, start small with a floral handkerchief peeking out of a jacket pocket, or invest in a flowery tie.

Once you are ready to go full-floral with your summer shirts, there is a wide choice of styles, colours and patterns out there. The Hammett style team has chosen six of their favorite floral shirts from their current range and added some top tips on how to make the most of each one.

 1.Totally tropical

If you’re going to go floral, you might as well go all out with this bright and bold Hawaiian design. Bright pink and orange flowers are set against cool, green leaves for amazing contrast and individuality. This short-sleeved style will keep you cool all summer long and help you stand out on the beach, at the BBQ or relaxing by the cocktail bar. This shirt would look great teamed with white or black shirts, jeans or khaki trousers. Never be tempted to double up on the Hawaiian print – keep your lower half plain to allow the bright colours in the shirt to pop.

2. Flowers and Stripes

This design is ideal for anyone who needs to keep it smart at work, but still wants to include some subtle floral fun. The vertical stripes add that crucial business vibe and set off the red and orange flowers on top beautifully. Wear this crisp, long-sleeved shirt with a summer suit and tie for the final word in smart attire. It would also look great at seasonal occasions such as weddings, birthdays and elegant summer soirees. Check out the details in the discreet collar trim too for a luxurious finishing touch.

3. Palm Reading

For a slightly different approach to florals, why not branch out; into this sophisticated palm tree design? Great for taking on holiday, the short-sleeved, casual shirt is named after one of our favourite summer holiday destinations: Dubai. Machine-washable and easy to pack, this shirt will become a wardrobe staple in no time. The palm tree pattern is great for men wanting to show off their affinity with the natural world, but are not quite ready to go fully floral.

4. How About Honolulu?

 Another Hawaiian winner, this bright and bold shirt is named for the tropical island’s largest city. Again, while not strictly floral, the colourful sliced fruit motif adorning this shirt immediately transports anyone who sees it to a tropical paradise. The shirt’s lightweight, casual style easily takes the wearer from day to night, making it the ideal choice to sling in the suitcase for an easy holiday outfit. Team with plain shorts or linen trousers for a fun and fashionable way to keep cool – and look cool while you’re doing it.

 5. Riviera Chic: St Tropez

This tailored shirt is covered in a stunning floral-inspired pattern that will ensure you are the centre of attention wherever you go. The short-sleeved style keeps you cool while the white and navy colours suit almost any occasion. Wear tucked in with office wear for a productive, professional look, or untucked with jeans for some nautical vibes. Choose the St Tropez style and stand out from the crowd this summer.

6. Perfectly Paisley

You can’t go far wrong when it comes to a classic, floral paisley shirt. This is a particularly attractive version with rich blues and pinks swirling across the material in a limited design.

This shirt is back in the Hammett collection by popular demand and looks set to remain on everyone’s wish list throughout the summer. Flattering and cool, this is the perfect choice for a night on the town with the guys, or a quiet meal for two in that exclusive restaurant you always wanted to try.