Not All Shirts Are Equal!


Of course that sounds obvious, but what we mean is that for the same price many of our competitors do not share the same commitment to quality that we do at Hammett, opting instead to skimp on design to increase their margins.

Although Hammett Shirts is a young brand, we as a team have decades of experience in shirt manufacturing. We are committed to always creating the best quality shirts & ensuring the very best value for money.

So what should you be looking for in high-quality shirt design?

Firstly, and most importantly, there’s the fabric. Our fabrics are made from very fine single yarns for lightness, comfort, clarity of design, and ease of care. Some brands use what we in the trade call “sheeting”: the cheapest quality fabric that is also used for bed sheets. There's no refinement, poor handle, it isn't easy to care for and it quickly looks worn out.

Then we have a high stitch count in the seams for strength, durability, and a smooth appearance. Some brands don’t have this density, which makes for weaker, puckered, and ugly seams. There’s also the matter of our expertly designed body patterns so that a shirt collar sits properly on the body, the sleeves and shoulders align with the natural shape of the body and properly allow for body contours.

But as they say, the devil is in the details, and it's the small things that really set apart the very best shirts from the merely 'good'. Everything from the colour and detailing on contrasts, to the quality and design of the buttons to ensure they complement the print is taken into account at Hammett. Every stage of the design is painstakingly detailed, to ensure that your shirt is of the highest possible quality. 


So the next time you’re thinking of buying a quality shirt remember what to look for, and never settle for less!