Men's Festival Shirts - 5 great styles

With the season of festival shirts fast approaching, it's time to update your wardrobe with the perfect men's casual shirt.

Whichever festival is for you this summer - Camp Bestival, Glastonbury, British Summer Time or End of the Road - the ideal festival look oozes laid-back style and effortless charm.

Paisley prints, bold colours and quality cotton or linen is the way forward. Dressing with practicality, while making sparks fly.

Season inspired men's floral shirts make for a summery look - even for the mature man - just don't team them with Hawaiian shorts!

In the Hammett Shirts latest collection, we suggest the following FIVE men's shirts for festivals.

Wine Floral Print Men's Casual Short Sleeve Shirt

Fun & eye catching, this men's wine floral print shirt is surely a must for your festival backpack. 

Made from lightweight 100% cotton cut, it will keep you cool when it gets warm, sticky and a little crowded.

Available in our Tailored Fit for a slimmer appearance, we have limited stock remaining of this unique shirt - so get in fast!


Short Sleeve Navy Abstract Print Men's Designer Shirt

Lightweight 100% cotton cut in our Regular Fit for comfort.

This patterned print shirt is a great way to add a cool, modern edge without looking too 'try hard'.

It's less about 'look at me' and more about looking good and ready to enjoy the music.


Navy Blue Paisley Print Men's Shirt

When you're at a festival you want to keep cool but look good.

This paisley printed fine 100% cotton shirt is just right for social occasions.

Eye-catching and effortless stylish at the same time - the tailored fit adds a splash of elegance.



Colourful Floral Print Regular Fit Men's Shirt

Forgo a short-sleeved shirt for a rolled-up long sleeve one.

Turn up your cuffs or roll them up to the elbows for a more casual summer look.

A stand out, colourful, warm pink printed subtle textured cotton shirt just right for party-goers.


And finally...

100% Luxury Linen Sky Blue Short Sleeve Men's Casual Button Down Shirt

If you don't feel flamboyant enough to rock a patterned shirt, an understated short sleeve shirt will still deliver style. 

And you can wear those Hawaiian shorts you sneaked in the backpack, too!

This men's sky blue button down shirt is made from luxurious light 100% exclusive Irish linen for an effortlessly relaxed look.