Dressing Well for the Bigger Man

At Hammett, we know that the fashion world can feel like it’s built around the sort of men you’d find in the gym every day, or posing shirtless on Instagram. It’s easy to dress well when society tells you you’d look good in anything. That’s why we design our shirts with a focus on the stylish, larger man - giving options to those who want to dress well but haven’t found a fit or style that suits them. 


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We’ve created a helpful how-to guide on dressing well for larger men, inspired by some of the best advice we could find from all corners of the fashion world and updated for 2021. Enjoy.

1 Fit is Key

Understanding how clothes are supposed to fit your body is crucial in dressing well. The temptation can be to go oversized, especially if you aren’t confident in your body, but too much slack can actually have the opposite effect of what you’re looking for. Barron Cuadro, founder of Effortless Agent, has an excellent guide on fashion for bigger men, with tips on how to properly fit your clothes to your body. For a shirt, the shoulder seam should sit directly on top of your shoulder bone, and you should be able to pull the material a couple of inches away from your body in order to give you freedom to move while still giving that tailored fit. 

2 Be Bold

Gone are the days of insincere fashion blogs advising bigger men to avoid bright colours or big prints. One of the many good things to come out of the body positivity movement is the encouragement of larger men to embrace bolder styles and express individuality. Of course, if your personal style is to go for a more subtle look then by all means stick to darker palettes and simpler patterns - you do you. But if you’ve always wanted to go for a brighter look there are plenty of options out there to fit all shapes and sizes. For a female perspective, head over to Style Girlfriend, whose fantastic blog on fashion for plus-size men has some great tips on how to use colour, patterns, and accessories. 

3 See What’s Out There

Finally, have a look around to see what other guys are doing. Places like Instagram can be filled with photoshopped images of unattainable bodies, but it can also be a place of positivity and inclusivity if used properly. There are loads of body-positive accounts out there, with styles ranging from the classic to more modern and bold looks. We’ve put together a list to get you started.