5 Men's Casual Blue Shirts



Blue shirts are always a versatile addition to your wardrobe - complementing all other items in your outfit.

Whether it's a crisp blue shirt with a grey suit for business occasions and formal wear, or a soft denim shirt for relaxing at the weekends and at social events.

Psychologists will also tell us that the shade of blue we choose for the colour of our clothing can reveal personality traits.

Lighter shades of blue indicate we are calm and cool, relaxed and laidback.

Navy blue and darker shades of blue connote seriousness, conventional and professionalism.

No blue shirt is the same at Hammett Shirts. Each shirt has its own individuality - whether it's a unique pattern, or a stylish finish on the collar.

Here's our pick of FIVE men's blue shirts by Hammett Shirts.

Navy Blue Twill Graph Check Formal Men's Shirt

Check out the micro dog-tooth weave and contrasting fabric on the cuff and neck band.

It's these finer details that ensure a Hammett Shirt stands out from the crowd.

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Denim Soft Twill Blue Men's Overshirt

A super soft blue men's overshirt produced from a luxurious denim twill.

With a modern, relaxed collar, this shirt is ideal not only for colder days but can be worn with a t-shirt as a light jacket shirt.

100% Cotton. 

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Navy Blue Paisley Print Men's Shirt

Super popular, this limited edition navy paisley printed fine 100% cotton shirt is the one to wear this summer.

Perfect for holidays, as well as more social occasions, including festivals and BBQs.

Tailored Fit.

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Blue Slub Effect Cotton Sophisticated Smart Casual Men's Shirt

Stay cool and relaxed this summer without losing your panache.

This smart casual men's shirt oozes effortless style.

Delivering a lovely linen slub effect design in crisp mid blue 100% cotton with subtle contrast design detail.

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Navy Blue Floral Print Men's Shirt

This elegant navy blue men's smart casual shirt is simply irresistable. 

Look out for our signature contrasting ribbon inside the neckband for a sneaky splash of colour.

This is a Tailored Fit but relaxed men's shirt.

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